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Getting it together!

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What made you come and read this? Is something slightly not in order? Is something gnawing at you? Are things being pulled from the seams and needs to be made whole again?

Get it together YOU!

Getting life in order requires a shift in mindset. You can’t just will something to happen- you must believe and intentionally change your actions to this new belief. It’s retraining your mind to do the things that you now want to do, for a better outcome. For example: when children are taught the phonetic sound of the Alphabetic letters, the caregivers repeat this until they learn it. They incorporate foods and highlight the starting letters while linking them subtly to their everyday life. They don’t sit there for 10 minutes every day with the same mundane things; they switch it up for variety and to grab attention. When shifting your mindset, you’ll have to relearn things in different spaces, contexts and throughout your day so that it can become a new pattern. Intention needs determination and works best when you know why you want to change your mindset and get YOU together. Take a few moments to note, why:
  • You want to get yourself together…
  • You need to get yourself together…
  • Who does this benefit?
There are practical things you can do to help. Using resources around you such as a habit tracker, gratitude journal, affirmations, and focused daily tasks. All of these are a part of our Get It Together subscription box curated monthly for you.

Habit Tracker

This allows you to choose specific habits to result in a desired change and track that you are keeping up with it for some time. For example, in your professional life, you want to be more reflective and thoughtful before responding to managers or colleagues. Noting work-life reflections can be tracked, as this is a need in your role and would help with your manager seeing that you are ready for progression or more complex projects. It also adds to your workplace wellbeing or feelings towards work. The tracker can be used to enable you to tick off goals, gives you a target to focus on and aids in those who find it difficult to notice changes in their behaviour for the better. When you have completed specific habits, it would be beneficial to treat yourself, maybe a cheeky chocolate bar, movie night or even a hike- whatever works for the goal and what is available to you.


Journaling is good for reflection and is the first step in clearing your mind and even offering yourself a safe space to vent and release. Some people use therapy and exercise while others use a journal (blank or lined). Gratitude journals help us reflect on things that we are thankful for and it helps us notice the small moments in our daily lives more. Example: “Someone held the door for me at the library today”.


Do you remember repeating kind words in life at some point? We do this so often, that affirmations are ingrained in us but not intentionally nor with purpose. Positive self-affirmation cards bring you a wide array of focused words to speak aloud, frequently and even carry in your bag for the day. You should want the best for yourself, more than any other person. Try saying daily affirmations every day our ‘Get it Together’ Box comes with a deck of affirmation cards in each box.

Get It Together

Think of a todo list but shorter. Many times, to-do lists are filled with every possible thing that we could do in one day. At times these lists become overwhelming and procrastination can kick in. The Get It Together sheet allows you to list 3 main tasks you want to complete that month and has space for you to outline what you need to do each week to complete those tasks. Feel a sense of achievement by giving yourself more realistic tasks to do in the month and breaking them down into weekly steps to make sure they’re done. Getting yourself together is positive for your wellbeing and is a form of self-care: look after yourself because you deserve it.
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