Morning routines to help you win

It can be so easy to be bogged down with morning routine advice from scrolling through social media, listening to podcasts or watching youtube. Meditating, going for a walk, exercising or listing to an inspiration podcast- all of them sound great! And in an ideal world, I would add these all to my morning routine. […]

Why do I procrastinate?

I think we’ve all had moments where concentrating to get even the simplest of things done can prove to feel like such a hard task. You set out to get something done and end up spending 30mins allowing other things to distract you. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say to myself ‘I’ll just […]

Getting it together!

What made you come and read this? Is something slightly not in order? Is something gnawing at you? Are things being pulled from the seams and needs to be made whole again? Get it together YOU! Getting life in order requires a shift in mindset. You can’t just will something to happen- you must believe […]